Here are some of the success stories of Klaudeville IT Solutions, helping out e-commerce businesses increase in revenue through marketing efforts and other services.


Dropshipping Website #1

A client already makes $100-$150k for their dropshipping website that sells “free watches” through the free + shipping method.

They needed to further scale their campaigns as they were the leader in this area during this time. We helped create the graphics, prepared the copy, researched and tested a number of products before finding that hit, and scaled that to millions using varied targeting.

As the pixel has already been optimized due to the sheer number of conversions, our goal was to quickly increase the ad spend and reach targeting multiple geographics all over the world. We found our target audience/persona and we created the lookalikes; from there, it was only a matter of adding more budget and tweaking the ads to increase conversion rates on their website.

The client made $1-$1.5M for the next 3 months by employing this method, and the team size doubled due to the success of our efforts.


Dropshipping Website #2

A client who is new to the dropshipping space has found some winning products in Chinese website selling mechanical watches with Chinese movement.

At this time, the trend was to be a modern gentleman by wearing suits and ties to emphasize the need for men to dress up and look nice as opportunities arise by being stylish. We advised the client to sell the products at 10-12x anticipating the cost of returns and refunds. The products look amazingly good and professionally taken, however, the actual tangible product is suspect.

We marketed the products heavily through the influencer campaigns, and we reached out to male IG influencers at the time to offer free product samples in exchange for photos and posting on their IG feed. It was a great campaign being able to obtain photos and at the same time gain exposure; what followed was contacting luxury IG pages with large followings to promote the products.

On average, we were making $3000-$4500 daily with an ad spend of $500 for the shoutouts across all the IG pages. This was the consistent source of traffic from the website, and from here, it has grown to be a lifestyle/magazine brand that can compete with the likes of MVMT and Daniel Wellington.